From the Sketchbook (Updated 13/3/14)

Updated 13/3/14 with some digital sketches. Nothing of particular note, but I thought this section could use an update.
Darth Vader, a harp, a pocketwatch. We got a litte bit of everything here.

Updated 14/10/13 with some head/skull sketches, and a couple of other random things in the sketchbook.

Updated 3/10/13 with some arm/shoulder sketches, and a random hand and bottle.

Updated 20/9/13 with some sketches of arms.

Updated 14/9/13 Just some more hand/finger stuff.

So at the moment I'm planning for this to be a new section of the blog where I'll post various quick sketches I do–for the time being probably anatomical studies. Not sure how this whole "create new page" thing works yet, though, so consider it a WIP.

Assuming this works, these two are just a couple of pages from my sketchbook that I filled with hand studies.


  1. Bridgman! Glad you're going through that book! Makes me want to break it out and start practicing ;)

    1. Bridgman indeed! And I've found it to be quite helpful. Thanks for suggesting it!

  2. I am sincerely jealous of your ability to draw hands perfectly.