Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sergio Cariello, Howard Pyle, and N.C. Wyeth

While I unfortunately do not have any new artwork to post, this past week held two exciting art-related events for me. The first was the chance to hear about the life and work process of Sergio Cariello. Sergio is an illustrator who has worked for both Marvel and DC, and more recently has become well-known for his illustration of The Action Bible. I got to sit in on a lecture with Sergio, where he talked about his life story, and how he got to the point he is at now. Also, he gave a live demo of his work process, sketching on his Cintiq which was linked to the projectors in the classroom. At the end, there was also an opportunity for some questions and answers, which yielded some interesting information about his views on art in general, and the freelancing industry. On top of this, Sergio's work is being exhibited in the university gallery for a number of weeks, so I look forward to the chance to stop by there and examine his art in greater detail.

The second fantastic event was a completely chance happening. While walking through the library to do some studying, I noticed a book standing on display on top of a low bookshelf. It was entitled Visions of Adventure: N. C. Wyeth and the Brandywine Artists. I vaguely recognized the name, and picked it up, leafing through the pages. As I read, I realized that N.C. Wyeth was one of the students of famed adventure illustrator Howard Pyle, and that this book provided a sampling of Wyeth's work and Pyle's work, along with the art of a number of Pyle's other students, all of whom studied under him at his Brandywine school. I haven't finished the book yet, but so far it has been a wonderful experience. Wyeth's fluid brushwork and dramatic darkness continue to enthrall me, and I'm hugely grateful for finding such an amazing book.

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