Sunday, September 7, 2014

Changes and Updates

Well, it's been a while, to state the obvious. Spending the summer at a camp secluded from technology and internet tends to impact one's ability to post on a blog. So does beginning your freshman year of college. Both of which happened. I'm now studying Studio Art at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. It's an exciting experience, and what I've seen of the art department so far has me very excited. On the downside, I no longer have access to a scanner. Below is a sketch of a clockwork sword I threw together up at camp--I was disappointed by how small my sketchpad was, because I'd ideally like the blade portion to be at least 50% longer than it is, but oh well. From here on out I'm going to try photographing my sketches for uploading to my blog, so hopefully that will work fairly well. If not, I'll come up with something--maybe. But for now, the sword.