Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Castle in the Sky Digital Art

I still haven't gotten around to doing another acrylic painting, but this afternoon I was watching some old Portland Studios digital brush demos by Justin Gerard, which inspired me to pull out my tablet again and try some digital stuff. Having recently read the section from Gulliver's Travels on Laputa, the floating city, I decided to attempt to paint Laputa from the Studio Ghibli movie Castle in the Sky. I used a much more "brushy" brush than I have in the past, and went for a much looser, painterly approach–almost impressionistic. While my digital art still has a very, very long way to go, I was pleasantly surprised at how this turned out. Much of the time trying to work digitally ends with me giving up feeling frustrated. This piece, however, definitely gave me some satisfaction, and I'm excited to work more in color, both through digital and acrylic.


  1. Nice! What program are you using for your digital work?

    1. At the moment I'm using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. It was included with my tablet, and I don't think I work digitally enough to justify spending money on fancier software.