Wednesday, October 2, 2013

INKtober! (and a new header)

Well, I just recently discovered the madness that is INKtober, and decided to jump in. Or rather, dip my toes in. Doubting my ability to keep up the pace of an ink sketch a day, I've decided to do at least one a week, possibly one every other day–we'll see how it goes. My original thought was to use my ink and fine brush, but after a short while I realized that (1) this was impractical just due to the time it takes me to set up and tear down my desk for brush and ink work, and (2) it's not a medium I'm very comfortable in. So the below image, and probably all the sketches I do for INKtober, was done using my Faber-Castell Indian Ink broad felt-tipped pen. I'm not sure if that's considered "cheating," but if it makes me create more on a regular basis, it can't be a bad thing. Secondly, you've probably noticed the new header image. I was kinda displeased with the old one, so I drew this the other day. Hopefully I'll get around to fixing it up some before the week is out. I need to erase the faint lines that I used as guides while doing the lettering, and a couple other things. But overall I like it. Also, my image was directly inspired by "The Ruin of the Beast" music video which was animated by Cory Godbey and Chris Koelle. Check it out.

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  1. So INKtober this month and NaNo the next, eh? =P Sounds intense. And cool picture. *nods*

    And I watched the video. o_o I'd be interested to know how many hours they put into it, because it must have been a ton.