Friday, September 6, 2013

Wings of the Moon, (WIP)

This evening I felt like drawing, and in the evening, barn owls just seem like the right thing to draw. I originally wanted to do it in flight, but changed my mind and began a view of its back, with the owl looking over its shoulder, both wings folded. I decided that didn't look dramatic enough, so I made both wings spread, then added the fog clouds on either side, and the moon directly behind. I still don't think this is done, as I believe I can get some more detail in on the feathers, and I think that the values where the owl's form is silhouetted against the moon should be more silhouetted, or at least harder edges. For the moment though, I'm fairly pleased with it.
EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention, I created a new page on my blog, called "From the Sketchbook." I'm planning to fill that section of the blog with very rough sketches from my practices. You can access it via the link in the upper left.


  1. Ooh. Me likes. The fog clouds are a nice touch.

  2. Looks awesome. *nods* And ditto about the fog, Judah.